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3 Pieces of Advice from a Contact Center Industry Veteran

Marketing Compliance

contact-center-iconIt's no secret that non-compliant and otherwise poor customer interactions can be easily overlooked in any channel. Personal interactions within contact centers can run the biggest risk of tarnishing your brand.

I've worn many hats in the contact center industry; from customer service, tech support, and lead generation, to administrator roles, which entailed list and dial management, as well as dial strategies. Quality and compliance was always a concern and often required several strategies to manage it.

 We outsourced legal counsel and consulting services, hired external call recording teams and internal QA teams to provide audits and agent scorecards, and routinely attended call calibration sessions. This variety of teams, each with their own mechanisms, monitored and managed compliance on only a fragment of total calls - it was scary to think what fell through the cracks!


As a seasoned vet, I'd like to offer you 3 pieces of advice discovered over my countless years in the contact center industry:

  1. First impressions are lasting. Unfortunately, one negative interaction can undo a lot of hard work. Supervisors are stretched in multiple directions, saddled with competing priorities and the always-evolving customer contact standards and scripts. Let's face it: there's only so much time in the day. As a result, quality and compliance can fall from the top of the supervisor's priority list and be left to a QA Team.
  2. Risky business can be expensive. Poor quality and non-compliant interactions create risk contact centers simply cannot afford to ignore. When lead quality decreases, client relationships suffer. When compliance with federal regulations is ignored - the enforcers come knocking, and their fines don't come cheap.
  3. Automation is crucial. Overlooked or never reviewed calls means lost intelligence. There's a lot happening behind the scenes of a contact center to manage quality and compliance, but not always in a streamlined, centric approach. No automation? No easy way to calibrate all of the information and track remediation of those problems. Complete analytics are needed to provide newfound business intelligence

            So, how can a contact center take heed of these 3 pieces of advice without adding staff, building up QA teams, or having consultants looking over their shoulder? The solution lies in automation.  A single automated solution for 100% call review, quality assurance, compliance adherence, business intelligence, and analytics is crucial.

By leveraging PerformMatch's best in class technology into the quality and compliance process, PerformMatch can be the eyes and ears in your contact center and drive a wider level of engagement. While validating compliance and improving agent performance with detailed business intelligence, PerformMatch automates 100% coverage on every minute of every call.  With sophisticated speech analytics and language modeling, the PerformMatch platform discovers potential regulatory violations or violations within a company's own brand guidelines. This way, violations are reviewed and corrected before they become a problem, delivering instant efficiency.

Without an automated compliance solution, contact centers are losing the time and resources that could be used elsewhere - and most importantly taking an unnecessary risk. I'm thrilled to be using my expertise and to be a part of the team building this cutting edge technology that is transforming contact center quality and mitigating the risk.

If you want to learn more about PerformLine's Call Center Monitoring solution, our experts are ready to help.

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