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[COMPLY Recap] The Future of RegTech

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You’ve probably heard of FinTech, AdTech, InsureTech, PaymenTech and many other industries with the word “Tech” at the end of it, but have you heard of RegTech? At COMPLY2017 this past June, PerformLine CEO Alex Baydin kicked off the conference with the overarching message: RegTech encompasses a wide variety of technologies innovating to meet the growing amount of regulatory obligations.

The Future of RegTech, a fan-favorite panel presented at COMPLY2017, featured leading RegTech experts Patrick Barnert – CEO of Qumram, Danielle Deibler – CEO of Jurispect, Matt Kunkel – CEO of LogicGate, David Morgan – CRO of PerformLine, and moderator David Choi – Partner at PwC. The panel dove into the hottest topics in RegTech and what trends are emerging as the industry evolves.


A few key takeaways:

  • The only way to stay up to date on ever-changing regulations is by adapting to the available technology
  • Automating the compliance process with RegTech not only saves time and money – but also allows you to see instant value
  • The cost of not adapting to RegTech is that your competition is, and they are using it to strategically move faster
  • …and more, found in our on-demand video session from COMPLY

The bottom line? With today’s rapid pace of innovation and adoption, it’s hard to imagine success in any industry without introducing new technology. RegTech serves as a massive enabler for any organization looking to accelerate their growth while staying compliant with regulations in their respective industries.

If you couldn’t make it to COMPLY2017 to catch The Future of RegTech panel live, we’ve got on-demand content you can watch on your own time. Hear from some of the leading experts in the RegTech industry on what exactly Regulatory Technology is, what it solves for, and how compliance teams can consider adopting RegTech solutions into their compliance programs in the coming years.

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