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Can You Risk Leaving Your Emails Unmonitored?

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If the words ‘marketing,’ ‘compliance’ or 'regulation' are in your job title, we know your life isn't easy. It's imperative for you to have a keen eye on how your brand communicates with consumers via email, while ensuring your marketing and sales messages match your own brand and regulatory guidelines. Wrapping your arms around that beast can be a daunting task.

Organizations in regulated industries need a compliance monitoring solution that can uncover risk at scale by proactively reviewing and scoring emails sent to consumers for complete compliance coverage. From marketing emails sent to thousands, to one-on-one customer interactions, unmonitored communications can leave you exposed to tremendous risk.

That’s where PerformLine comes in.

Within a single platform, you have real-time visibility into the distribution of your marketing and sales efforts across email, web, call center and chat channels – whether that content is in English or in foreign languages. Through automated monitoring and scoring, you can rest assured that you’re communicating to consumers the right way.

Other service providers create 'honeypot accounts,' anonymously searching through affiliate emails to ensure your brand is being represented correctly. What does this do for you? It creates an unmanageable mess, living in the inboxes of potential clients, exposing your brand to possible regulatory violations. All of this is out of your scope of view, and will never be a problem you can solve with or without technology. Scary right?

Wrong. With PerformLine, we allow your sales, marketing or compliance team to have optics into your brand messaging and the approved messaging of your partners before there’s a catastrophe. This way, you're relieved of tracking down every communication your partners send on your behalf that could be in violation of your brand parameters.

Let's face it, without RegTech, there is no way to ensure compliance at scale. Allow us to help you scale as you grow your sales and marketing efforts today.

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