About Us

Discover. Monitor. Act.

It’s not just a tagline, but the three fundamentals that inspire innovation at PerformLine.

The PerformLine Mission:

Empower compliance leaders with the technology and knowledge to ensure their organization and partners provide transparent and accurate information to consumers across any channel.


How We Began:

As an executive in the performance media space, Alex saw a need for better optics into the quality and compliance of leads and calls. With that vision, he started PerformLine to provide that integral transparency. What he didn’t realize at the time was that he was pioneering a new industry around marketing and sales compliance.

With a team of like-minded adtech veterans joining the cause, they started with a simple piece of Javascript and screenshots to help marketers understand where their brand was being promoted in the expanding ecosystem. As marketers’ needs became clearly defined and as regulators applied greater pressure for consumer protection, the PerformLine platform took shape—and took off!

PerformLine now brings marketers and compliance professionals from any industry a cutting edge RegTech solution that features full workflow capabilities, real-time analytics, remediation, and monitoring across any channel to ensure regulatory and brand compliance.


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  • Founding Member: International RegTech Association
  • Electronic Transactions Association
  • Mortgage Banker's Association
  • LeadsCouncil