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PerformMatch™ is the first SaaS compliance platform to provide marketers real-time automated monitoring to assess compliance with both federal regulations and company marketing policies. As regulatory concerns continue to heighten around the deceptive online marketing in many sectors, PerformMatch is uniquely positioned to marketers and their partners execute to a higher level of compliance standards.

For Marketers

PerformMatch provides marketers with real-time, automated monitoring of affiliates, lead aggregators and publishers to assess compliance with both federal regulations and company marketing policies.

For Publishers

PerformMatch provides real-time automated monitoring of affiliates and lead partners to assess compliance with both federal regulations and a company’s marketing policies.

The PerformLine Difference

Best Practices Rule Sets

PerformMatch Best Practices are compliance rule sets that allows marketers to proactively begin self regulation of their online advertising campaigns against misrepresentations. PerformMatch Best Practices rule sets are created in accordance with federal regulations for industries such as Higher Education, Mortgage, Debt Settlement, Debt Collection, Credit Card and Insurance

Marketing Guidelines Compliance

Marketers can create custom compliance rules based on their own brand guidelines. These rules are used to ensure lead providers are following your company’s guidelines in areas such as: brand safety, form accuracy, geo specific disclaimers, accreditation and more.

Community Rule Set

PerformLine is in the unique position to help our clients benefit from the collective learnings across our PerformMatch client network. Using our Community Rule Set, which anonymously gathers and groups the trigger terms and phrases our marketers and lead vendors are using to monitor campaigns for compliance, members benefit from this shared learning.